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What is counselling

Counselling is also known as ‘talking therapy’ and its purpose is to help both individuals and couples address and work through their difficulties, and to make beneficial changes in their life.

Counselling helps people to explore their feelings and make sense of them.

When we understand our feelings we can understand why we feel a certain way and where those feelings come from.  This helps us to establish how we may wish to change our thought process which can have a positive effect on our feelings.

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Why we might need counselling

Sometimes we need to talk to someone who listens to us, is impartial, does not give us their opinion or judge us.  Sometimes, we need someone who understands us, supports us and respects our views.  If you identify with these statements you may feel the need to talk to a professional counsellor.

How it helps

Counselling helps by giving you the opportunity to talk about and explore difficulties and problems you are facing in a safe and confidential environment.

It will develop your self-awareness and give you a better understanding of yourself which in turn will help you reflect on your difficulties and feelings.  This will assist you in addressing problems you are encountering, work through these difficulties and overcome challenges; which will help you to move forward positively and make beneficial changes in your life.

Similarly relationship counselling gives a greater awareness on how couples relate to each other, which will help you better understand what is going wrong and why.

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The counsellor's role

The counsellor’s role is to listen attentively, be understanding and empathic, impartial and objective.  Also to be non-judgemental and offer a balanced perspective so as to give the help and support you need in exploring problems of concern.

It is important you feel relaxed and safe to talk openly and candidly about difficulties you are facing and wish to focus on; knowing you are being given the attention you need and in a completely professional and confidential environment.

With couples I will work with you to understand your relationship difficulties, what is getting in the way, and help you address these problems and issues.

I will work with you to help you decide what you want, how you’d like to see your relationship develop and what changes you may wish to make.  This will enable you, together with my intervention and guidance to develop your communication skills with each other, learn how to negotiate better and find a positive way forward to solving difficulties.

My approach

I use a person-centred approach where I listen to and understand your views, difficulties and feelings.  I incorporate a range of different theories and techniques so that the counselling suits your needs.

I will help you resolve your concerns to bring about a more positive outlook on your life, and improve your relationships with others.

I work in an impartial, objective and non-judgemental style offering empathy and a person-centred approach, whereby you discuss the issues important to you and together we explore these.  I will help you find your way through your difficulties to a clearer horizon.

There are many reasons both individuals and couples may turn to counselling including the need to be listened to and for support.  It is also often helpful to include aims and goals you are hoping to achieve, which I will help you with. In particular, for couples it is often about resolving difficulties you are facing together and needing help with dealing with those problems, getting back on track and making meaningful improvements in your relationship.

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What to expect

The first session is an assessment consultation of 50 minutes duration for individuals and 75 minutes for couples. In this time I will need to learn a little about you, find out what you are seeking help for and looking to achieve.

During this time you will probably know whether you wish to continue with more counselling appointments.  You are under no obligation to continue after the initial session if you do not wish to.

If you would like to continue we will arrange a day and time that is mutually convenient, and I will give you an agreement with this information on it.

I offer both short and long term counselling, depending on your needs.

Session length

For individuals sessions are 50 minutes.

For couples sessions are 75 minutes.


For individuals my fee is £45 per session.

For couples my fee is £70 per session.


If you have more questions press see my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to answer any queries you may have. 

If your question is not there, please send me your question in a private message.

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